Mobile Home


The loan process is typically 30-45 days for in-park deals. Land-home deals can take longer. In some instances, an in-park loan can be processed in 23 to 29 days, if all parties work together.

The purchase of a Mobile Home or Manufactured Home is typically serviced through what is called “escrow”. Escrow is a third party company that handles all documents and funds between the Buyers, Sellers and Finance institution. If you are financing a property you MUST transact through an escrow company. This is a requirement for all lending institutions. There are escrow fees. You will receive a good faith estimate of these fees within roughly one week of your escrow opening. We will also verbally consult you on these fees prior to your opening of escrow.

A Manufactured Housing Lender requires an appraisal. This is a service provided by a certified professional to determine the value of the home. There is a fee. The buyer pays the fee up front directly to the appraiser at time of appraisal.

Dependent upon the transaction, the lending institution can finance all or portions of the escrow fees. We will discuss that in more detail.

A manufactured home loan is a full document transaction. That means that the lending institution will need to verify all applicants employment history, taxes for the recent 2 years, credit and debt history, and verify current income with recent paystubs and 2 years W-2. This information is easy to obtain and I will help guide you along the way.

Occasionally a lending institution will request verification of a document or need something that is specific to your transaction only. The emphasis here is that sometimes things change. At we pride ourselves on the ability to function and overcome these situations, helping you to understand them and obtain all necessary documents or requirements to meet them.

I will always be available for any questions or concerns that you may or will have during your home purchase. Regards,

(650) 735-1334
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